Designing a questionnaire for evaluating a website .. the “ins” and “outs”.

UX, User Experience Questionnaires are a well -established technique for collecting demographic data and users opinions. They are similar to interviews in that they can have closed or open questions. Effort and skill are needed to ensure that questionnaire questions are clearly worded and the data collected can be analysed efficiently. Clearly worded questions are important when there is no researcher present to encourage the respondent and to resolve any ambiguities. Questionnaires can be used on their own or in conjunction with other methods to resolve any ambiguities. Questionnaire questions and structured interview questions are similar, so how does a UX researcher know when to use which technique? If the motivation is high to complete a questionnaire without anyone present , then a questionnaire will be appropriate. On the other hand, if the respondents need some persuasion to answer the questions then it will be better to use an interview format and ask the questions face to face through a structured interview. Questionnaires can be formulated pre- web development to understand a users requirement or expectations or post- web development to evaluate how a user interacts with the website. The example below shows a well designed questionnaire after a website has been developed.

User Experience (UX) Questionnaire from Joseph Asamoah

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