Userhub Africa Research conducts independent qualitative and quantitative studies in the areas of User Interface (UI)/User Experience (UX), new technology & innovation and adoption of ICT and market research in the African market. Findings undergo an exhaustive review by industry advisors and are published as case studies, white papers and academic journals.

We offer training in the field of UX, targeting students and professionals alike who will like to upgrade their knowledge and skill in the industry.

We organize UX workshops/seminars where feasible, to share and gain knowledge on industry trends, best practices, challenges and opportunities. We do this by collaborating with industry experts and researchers of international repute as well as technology stakeholders in the sub region.
We host periodic webinars on different topics within UX and Usability studies. These webinars are tutored by leading professionals in the field of UX.

The research team is made up of highly competent professionals in the areas of market research, UX, Software engineering and Design.