Focus Groups


We offer focus groups services for companies or organizations that will like to have a greater insight of their services or solutions.

  • Focus groups are carried out essentially to know how participants feel about or perceive a service, product or brand and not necessarily its usage.
  • Having a focus group session that allows existing or prospective users to interrogate your idea, service, product or brand helps you appreciate how they react to your features and how best to modify your service or product.
  • Focus group testing helps you measure the true levels of satisfaction from the users of your service or product.


Features of a typical focus group session:

  • Can be used at the beginning of research or product development to guide design, or afterwards to evaluate experience of a concept, service, product, brand, advertisement, and packaging.
  • Useful to validate other data sources
  • Typically contains 6-10 participants
  • Numbers of groups vary but mostly a minimum of two.
  • Discussion is led by a ‘moderator’ or ‘group facilitator’.



  • Once the study is finished, you will receive a well-analyzed report on the key responses (positive and negative)
  • The report will include a summary of participant comments, themes, audio-visual clips and recommendations based on the analysis of the discussions.